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Honey Bee IPTV Review – 17,000 Channels & 26,000 VOD from $8/month

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What is Honey Bee IPTV?

Honey Bee IPTV boasts a vast selection of entertainment, with 17,000 live TV channels, encompassing all your favorite major sports and entertainment networks. On top of that, it offers an on-demand VOD library brimming with 26,000 titles. All this comes at an incredibly affordable price, starting at just $8 per month.

So, let’s dive into what Honey Bee IPTV has in store for you!

What are the main features of Honey Bee IPTV?

Honey Bee IPTV boasts an impressive selection of content, offering 17,000 live TV channels from around the world. You’ll find all the usual suspects, including sports, news, regional channels, live events, and your favorite entertainment options. An electronic program guide (EPG) is also included for convenient browsing.

But Honey Bee doesn’t stop there! The service comes with a VOD library bursting with 11,000 movies and 15,000 series episodes. And the best part? Adult channels and VOD content are included at no extra cost, although you can choose to exclude them when subscribing.

Compatibility is another strong point. Honey Bee assures users that their service works seamlessly on all devices. To top it off, their servers are configured for 99.9% uptime, guaranteeing a near-constant viewing experience.

If you’re still unsure, Honey Bee offers 36-hour trials for a minimal $2.99 fee. It’s a low-risk chance to experience their extensive content and impressive features for yourself.

What channels does Honey Bee IPTV offer?

Honey Bee IPTV boasts a staggering 17,000 channels spanning the globe, ensuring you’ll never be short of viewing options. The mix includes a blend of SD and HD channels, catering to various bandwidth capacities and preferences. You’ll also find dedicated 24/7 channels and, as a bonus, adult content is included at no extra cost.

Honey Bee IPTV understands that everyone has their own tastes, so they empower you to curate your perfect channel line-up. When ordering the service, you can easily tailor the channels you want to see through a system called “bouquets.”

Think of bouquets as themed channel packages. For example, the Belgium bouquet groups all the Belgian channels together. If you’re not interested in Belgian media, simply leave the Belgium bouquet unselected when choosing your channels. Conversely, if you want the full Honey Bee experience, just click “Select All” and enjoy the entire channel universe.

What devices can I use with Honey Bee IPTV?

Honey Bee IPTV boasts impressive device compatibility, letting you enjoy their vast media library across a wide range of platforms. Whether you’re a mobile user, a home theater enthusiast, or simply prefer the convenience of the web, Honey Bee has you covered:

  • Mobile Devices: Stream on-the-go with support for Android and iOS devices.
  • Smart TVs: Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment on your Smart TV or LG Smart TV.
  • Streaming Devices: Access Honey Bee IPTV on FireTV, including the popular Amazon Fire Stick, as well as Roku devices.
  • Computers: Enjoy the service on your Windows PC or Mac using a web browser. This flexibility is especially handy when you’re working remotely or juggling multiple devices.

Setting up Honey Bee IPTV is a breeze! Their website features a dedicated section filled with comprehensive setup guides that cater to each supported platform. And for those who prefer visual learning, Honey Bee offers clear and easy-to-follow video tutorials, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable onboarding experience.

How much does Honey Bee IPTV cost?

Longer Subscriptions, Bigger Savings:

Honey Bee IPTV, like many services, offers cost savings for longer commitments. However, while the allure of lower monthly rates might tempt you to lock in for years, we recommend limiting your initial subscription to three months. This gives you ample time to thoroughly test the service and ensure it meets your needs before making a longer-term decision.

Maximize Connections for Simultaneous Viewing:

Honey Bee IPTV plans come with one concurrent connection by default, meaning you can only watch on one device at a time. This might be sufficient for solo viewers, but families or those who enjoy watching on multiple devices can upgrade their plan to include additional connections. Honey Bee allows a maximum of five connections, letting you stream on up to five devices simultaneously.

Balancing Price and Flexibility:

For budget-conscious viewers who primarily watch on one device, the two-year plan at $8 per month offers the most significant savings. The one-year plan at $10 per month provides a good balance between cost and flexibility.

1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months2 Years
1 Connection$14.99$39.99$66.99$119.99$189.99
2 Connections$24.99$59.99$86.99$159.99$229.99
3 Connections$34.99$69.99$96.99$179.99$249.99
4 Connections$44.99$79.99$106.99$199.99$269.99
5 Connections$54.99$89.99$116.99$219.99$289.99

How can I pay for Honey Bee IPTV?

For subscription payments, Honey Bee IPTV accepts major credit cards, debit cards, e-Transfers (Canada only), and Bitcoin.

What support options does Honey Bee IPTV have?

Honey Bee IPTV prioritizes excellent customer service, offering two convenient ways to get the support you need:

1. Help Desk Ticketing System:

For existing customers with specific issues or questions, Honey Bee offers a dedicated help desk ticketing system. This efficient system lets you:

  • Submit detailed support tickets: Clearly describe your problem or inquiry through a user-friendly form.
  • Track your ticket status: Monitor the progress of your ticket and receive updates via email or directly within the platform.

2. Contact Form for Pre-Sales Queries:

If you’re still considering Honey Bee IPTV and have questions before subscribing, they offer a dedicated contact form for pre-sales queries. This allows you to:

  • Ask about features, pricing, and compatibility: Get clarity on any aspect of the service before making a decision.
  • Connect with a sales representative: Discuss your needs and receive personalized recommendations.


How good is Honey Bee IPTV?

Honey Bee IPTV shines as a well-executed streaming service. Its professional website provides all the information you need, presented clearly and concisely. Channel navigation is a breeze thanks to easy-to-follow bouquets (customizable channel groups) – a thoughtful touch catering to individual preferences.

Setup couldn’t be simpler. Honey Bee’s first-class tutorial videos guide you through the process in a straightforward and succinct manner.

With a vast channel library catering to diverse tastes, Honey Bee delivers. Whether you crave sports, news, international programming, or a movie marathon, their bouquet system ensures you always have the entertainment you desire at your fingertips.

Intrigued? We highly recommend giving Honey Bee IPTV a try. Visit their official website and experience the service first-hand. You’ll quickly understand why it stands out amongst the other IPTV service providers.

How to sign up for Honey Bee IPTV?

Visit the official Honey Bee IPTV website.

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