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What is Best Buy IPTV?

Important: Best Buy IPTV is no longer operational. The service has ceased operations.

Alternatives are available: If you’re looking for a similar service, please check out our Top 5 BEST IPTV services.

Best Buy IPTV Features

As well as providing 12,000 live channels (4,000 more than they advertise) Best Buy IPTV also offer a staggering 60,000 TV series and movies (50,000 more than they advertise).

The Best Buy IPTV website enables you to tailor the content you want to view, for example, you can opt to view channels from India only, removing channels from other countries that you don’t wish to see. You can edit this as and when you like, so you can add channels back in when you want to. The VOD option also works in the same way, you can include/exclude country specific content.

Best Buy IPTV Channels

The Best Buy IPTV channel list is not available, possibly due to the sheer number, but the service includes the normal channels from around the world that you would expect, including sports and news services. The Best Buy IPTV website states 7,300 channels. There were 12,000 during our trial.

Best Buy IPTV Devices

The Best Buy IPTV website provides setup instructions including Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Android boxes, iOS, Windows and mag boxes plus a web player, however, the web player was unavailable when tried it.

Best Buy IPTV Pricing

The 12 month price of $69 is incredible value, if the service remains available for 12 months.

The Best Buy IPTV pricing plans include 1 connection as standard. You are able to increase this to a total of 3 during the checkout process (so you can use 3 devices at the same time per household).

Best Buy IPTV Payment Methods

A Best Buy IPTV subscription can be purchased using PayPal, crypto payments, MasterCard, VISA, advcash, Alipay, Diners Club International, Discover, JCB, Perfect Money and Payeer. 

To encourage payment by crypto, the price is reduced by 10%, so a 12 month sub would cost $62.10 as opposed to $69.

PayPal and some of the other payment methods attract a 10% uplift in the overall price, e.g. $69 annual sub would cost a total of $75.90.

Best Buy IPTV Support

The Best Buy IPTV support options include email, Skype and live chat.

You are also able to report issues with specific channels via the Best Buy IPTV website using a simple drop-down interface.

The Best Buy IPTV website also has a number of articles of how to setup the various devices their service runs on.

The welcome email you receive when you sign up could be improved slightly. You are provided with the account information you need, but the email is crucially missing the download link for the app they offer as a download on their website. Not so much of an issue if you already have the software or have used IPTV before, but it would confuse a first-timer.

Best Buy IPTV Conclusion

Best Buy IPTV is no longer operational. The service has ceased operations.

Alternatives are available: If you’re looking for a similar service, please check out our Top 5 BEST IPTV services.

Best Buy IPTV is a service of interest. They offer a wide variety of TV channels and a comprehensive TV series and movie library.

The core channels and TV and movie libraries worked without any issues on our trial, but you may find the less common channels are hit and miss.

The Best Buy IPTV website contains articles on how to setup a number of devices, but they could do with sharpening up slightly and the website is a little out of date overall (they woefully understate just how much content they provide). The option of editing the channels you want to see is a very nice feature however.

The number of payment options is a real bonus, especially the inclusion of crypto payments, which attracts a 10% discount.

Depending on your needs, Best Buy IPTV could be either your primary service or most definitely a solid backup.

Best Buy IPTV should really appeal if you’re already knowledgeable about IPTV services and confident configuring apps and if you would benefit from the flexibility of tailoring the channels you want to see.

Reviews on Trustpilot are very mixed, split almost 50/50 with the service is great to the service is terrible. Some of the reviews are from confused first-time customers, which could be avoided if the welcome email was clearer. It’s not uncommon for competitors to submit fake negative reviews too.

Best Buy IPTV provide a 24 hour free trial so you really have nothing to lose by exploring the service. Click the link below to visit the Best Buy IPTV official website.

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