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Bunnystream IPTV Review – 15,000 Channels from $7/month

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What is Bunnystream IPTV?

Bunnystream is an IPTV service providing over 15,000 live TV channels and 40,000 VOD titles. The website looks impressive, with clear pricing and detailed setup guides.

Bunnystream claim they are ‘best IPTV subscription service provider for the last three years’, but are they really? Let’s find out.

Bunnystream IPTV Features

Bunnystream offer 15,000 live channels, 40,000 VOD titles. Adult content (live TV and VOD) is optional (no additional fee). The live channels are broadcast in a mix of HD, FHD & 4K.

The Bunnystream website mentions they have 99.99% uptime by employing the use of AntiFreeze technology. This wasn’t our experience, but we’ll get to that.

Bunnystream provide detailed setup guides on their website and also offer a free 24 hour trial.

It’s also good to see that Bunnystream also provide a 3 day money back refund policy.

Bunnystream IPTV Channels

The Bunnystream website doesn’t list the channels provided, however, your favorite news, sports and premium channels will be available. An EPG is also included.

Due to the sheer number of channel groups, in can take longer than it necessarily should to find the channels you are looking for. Tip: Using the EPG interface is a quicker way instead of having to scroll through the Live TV section.

Bunnystream IPTV Devices

All popular devices are supported by the Bunnystream service and their website has impressive setup guides.

Bunnystream IPTV Pricing

As with most services, the longer you commit to a plan, the cheaper the plan costs, but it is recommended to commit to no longer than 3 months at a time.

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest subscription is for 1 year, which works out at $7 per month. A 24 hour trial is free.

Bunnystreams IPTV Prices

Bunnystream IPTV Payment Methods

Bunnystream payment methods include credit card, debit card and cryptocurrency including Bitcoin. What’s slightly surprising is the lack of discount if paying with crypto.

Bunnystream IPTV Support

The Bunnystream website really excels with the setup guides they have put together. Each device you could possibly imagine using is covered, with lots of screenshots and clear instructions.

Bunnystream also offer 24/7 support via their website ticketing system and there’s also a live chat option.

Bunnystream IPTV Screenshots

Bunnystream IPTV Conclusion

Bunnystream on face value offers everything you need from an IPTV service; all your favorite channels, a vast VOD library and concise setup guides.

However, our experience did not match the claim/benefit of AntiFreeze technology. We experienced a lot of buffering, changing channels was sluggish, and the EPG was slow to load. To rule out any local issues that could have caused this, we accessed the exact same content using a different service and we did not experience the same issues.

If you want to try Bunnystream for yourself, there is a free trial option and there is also a 3 day refund policy in place.

However, there is another service that offers the same content (channels and VOD) for the same price, and we didn’t experience any buffering at all, that is Worthystreams and they also provide a free trial.

Try Bunnystream today!

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