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What is Comstar IPTV?

Comstar was an IPTV service providing over 11,000 live TV channels and 9,000 VOD titles.

We say was, as Comstar is no longer operating. Check our Top 5 BEST IPTV.

Comstar IPTV Features

Comstar offer 11,000 live channels, 9,000 VOD titles and provide their own free Android app.

Comstar advise they have 99.9% uptime, strengthened by deploying 117 load balancing servers, which should result in stable service regardless of how/where you’re using the service.

Comstar offers a free 48 hour trial and provide 24/7 support.

Comstar IPTV Channels

The Comstar website doesn’t list the channels provided, however, your favorite news, sports and premium channels will be included. An EPG is also included. Comstar offer a free 48 hour trial, so you can check out the service/channels.

Comstar IPTV Devices

All popular devices are supported by the Comstar service, including Apple TV, iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc), Android (Smartphone, Tablet, etc), OS (Windows, Linux, etc), Dreamlink (T1, T1+, etc), Android Box, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Smart TV’s (LG, Samsung, …), Avov Tvonline (N, N2, N3 etc), VLC Player, Smart IPTV, GSE Smart IPTV, STB Emulator, Perfect Player, Best Player TV and Movies, Enigma, Mag Boxes (250, 254, etc).

It is worth mentioning that the Comstar website has comprehensive setup guides for many of the devices listed above.

Comstar IPTV Pricing

As with most services, the longer you commit to a plan, the cheaper the plan costs, but it is recommended to commit to no longer than 3 months at a time.

The Comstar pricing plans include 1 connection as standard. It is possible to increase the number of connections, but you have to contact Comstar support for a discount code (you have to purchase additional subscriptions for each extra device).

Comstar IPTV Payment Methods

Comstar payment methods include credit card, debit card and crypto. A 10% discount is offered when paying with crypto.

Comstar IPTV Support

The Comstar website has an extensive tutorial and FAQ section, covering the most common issues/scenarios and setup guides for numerous devices including how to install Comstar on a firestick.

Comstar also offer 24/7 support via their website ticketing system.

Comstar IPTV Screenshots

Comstar IPTV Conclusion

Comstar is no longer operating. Check our Top 5 BEST IPTV.

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