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What is SSTV IPTV?

Offering over 14,000 live TV channels and 11,500 VOD titles, SSTV was once a popular IPTV service. However, it is no longer in operation. Check out our Top 5 BEST IPTV services for current options.

SSTV IPTV Features

Boasting over 14,000 live channels and 11,500 movies and TV shows on demand, SSTV offers a vast library of entertainment. Plus, you can enjoy it on multiple devices without restrictions thanks to its non-IP locked nature. Switch seamlessly between your TV at home and your mobile/tablet on the go, never missing a beat. Need help? SSTV provides live support through their dedicated Telegram group and website, ensuring a smooth experience.

SSTV IPTV Channels

Although the specific channels aren’t listed on their website, they cover the usual mix of news, sports, entertainment, and more.

It’s noteworthy that they’ve invested thought and effort in organizing the channels. As seen in the screenshots below, navigation is intuitive and finding specific content is effortless.

SSTV impresses with a comprehensive EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) that functions flawlessly, unlike some services whose EPGs only work for a limited selection of channels, if at all.


SSTV boasts wide device compatibility, working seamlessly on popular options like Android, FireStick, and even MAG devices. Additionally, they offer their own branded version of Smarters Pro, providing a familiar and reliable interface for many users. Signing up is a breeze, with all the necessary details provided to get you up and running quickly.


Similar to other services, longer commitments lead to lower monthly costs. However, it’s recommended to commit for no more than 3-6 months at a time. SSTV’s best value option is the 6-month subscription, costing a mere $52 compared to $96 for six individual 1-month memberships.

Choose from various subscription packages offering 1 to 3 concurrent connections. The selection is diverse, and the price increase for additional connections is affordable. Additionally, SSTV occasionally runs special offers, so keep an eye out for even better deals.

SSTV IPTV Payment Methods

SSTV provides flexibility when it comes to payment options, accepting both Cash App and Bitcoin. Additionally, they might offer traditional methods like credit cards depending on your region.


SSTV goes the extra mile with 24/7 support, offering both an active Telegram group and live chat on their website. We tested the live chat during our review and were impressed by their prompt and helpful response, a feature not always found during trial periods. This readily available and responsive support is yet another positive for SSTV.

SSTV IPTV Screenshots

SSTV IPTV Conclusion

Unfortunately, SSTV IPTV is no longer operational. If you’re looking for a reliable alternative, explore our latest selection of the Top 5 BEST IPTV services.

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