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Trendyscreen IPTV Review – 22,000 Channels & 37,000 VOD from $7/month

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What is Trendyscreen IPTV?

Trendystream IPTV describes itself as the best IPTV service for a premium streaming experience. Its website states that it offers 20,000+ channels, some of which are in 4K. Plus, it offers movies and TV series on-demand.

We signed up for a free trial anonymously and here are our findings of Trendystream IPTV.


Channel Selection:

Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with Trendyscreen IPTV’s staggering selection of 22,000+ channels from around the globe. Catch your favorite entertainment, sports, news, and even pay-per-view events. Plus, indulge in a vast library of 12,500 movies and 23,500 TV show episodes on demand.

Adult Content:

Elevate your subscription with adult content included at no extra cost. Enjoy live adult channels and on-demand adult content alongside your movies and TV shows. Choose to include or exclude adult content when you subscribe, but please note that adult content cannot be added or removed during the subscription period.

Hassle-Free Refunds:

Uncertain? Not a problem! Trendyscreen offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with no strings attached. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply request a refund within your first seven days for a quick and effortless return.

Unbeatable Value:

Test before you commit! Trendyscreen provides free trials so you can experience the service on your devices and ensure it meets your needs before subscribing.


While the Trendyscreen website doesn’t disclose the specific live TV channels offered, you can expect to find the typical content provided by a global IPTV service with 22,000+ channels at its disposal.


Unleash entertainment across an array of devices! Trendyscreen seamlessly integrates with a vast landscape of platforms, ensuring you can access your favorite content wherever you are. Enjoy effortless streaming on Amazon Firestick and FireTV, Android devices, Apple devices, Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and LG, Roku devices, Mag Boxes, Enigma2 Boxes, Dreamlink devices, Openbox devices, Formuler devices, and even Windows machines. This unparalleled compatibility guarantees entertainment freedom, allowing you to shift seamlessly between devices without compromising your viewing experience.

Pricing Plans

Flexible Commitment, Strategic Savings: Like most services, Trendyscreen offers attractive discounts for longer subscriptions. However, for optimal flexibility, we recommend initial commitments of up to three months. This allows you to test the service thoroughly and ensure it meets your needs before locking into longer plans.

Tailored Subscriptions: Choose from a diverse range of subscription plans to match your viewing habits. Trendyscreen offers options ranging from 1-month packages for short-term needs to lifetime access for dedicated viewers. Each subscription allows one simultaneous connection, offering a personalized viewing experience. While increasing connections within a single subscription is currently not possible, you can explore multi-subscription options if needed.

Trendyscreen Prices

Payment Methods

Trendyscreen offers a variety of convenient payment methods to suit your needs. You can seamlessly purchase a subscription using credit cards, debit cards, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Comprehensive Support at Your Fingertips: Trendyscreen prioritizes user satisfaction by offering responsive and readily available support options. For immediate assistance, engage in a live chat directly on their website and expect a prompt response within two minutes, as confirmed during our testing. Alternatively, submit a support request through your secure client area on the website. Rest assured, Trendyscreen proudly boasts 24/7 support, guaranteeing help whenever you need it.


How good is Trendyscreen IPTV?

Massive Content, Effortless Navigation:

Trendyscreen boasts a staggering array of live TV channels and an expansive VOD library, accessible on virtually any device imaginable. Their intuitive interface ensures effortless navigation, with channels clearly categorized by country and VOD content meticulously organized. Finding what you crave, even amidst this abundance of content, is a breeze.

Flexibility with a Caveat:

The option to include or exclude adult content adds a nice touch of personalization, but remember, you cannot modify this choice once your subscription starts. Parental controls, however, are readily available through most IPTV apps, catering to families’ needs.

App Freedom, Installation Support:

Unlike some services, Trendyscreen doesn’t impose a specific app. Use any IPTV-compatible app/device you prefer, avoiding app lock-in. If you’re new to app configuration, fear not! Trendyscreen’s comprehensive installation guide section will smoothly walk you through the process.

Connections: Consider Your Needs:

One potential drawback: you’re limited to a single connection per subscription. If you require more, Trendyscreen might be a great backup to your main provider, not a complete replacement.

Try Risk-Free!

Thankfully, Trendyscreen offers free trials, so you can experiment firsthand and see if it fits your needs perfectly. Click the link below to explore their official website.

How to sign up for Trendyscreen IPTV?

Visit the official Trendyscreen IPTV website.

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