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SkipDeer IPTV Review – 40,000 Channels from $4/Month

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What is SkipDeer IPTV?

SkipDeer offers a staggering 40,000 live TV channels, including 4K, and in excess of 50,000 VOD titles, claiming 99.9% uptime and the use of antifreeze technology.

With this amount of content, let’s find out if SkipDeer delivers on its claims.

SkipDeer IPTV Features

In addition to the 40,000 live channels, SkipDeer also stream a total of 30,000 movies and 20,000 TV episodes on demand, provide live support and boast 99.9% uptime. Some of the live channels are 4K.

SkipDeer IPTV Channels

The SkipDeer website provides a comprehensive list of every single channel they offer.

SkipDeer IPTV Devices

The SkipDeer website mentions that they support the following devices; Android Devices, MAG, Smart TV, XBMC/KODI, Enigma2, Linux, iOS + Apple Devices and VLC. We are unable to verify this as we have not been able to use the service.

SkipDeer IPTV Pricing

As with most services, the longer you commit to a plan, the cheaper the plan costs, but it is recommended to commit to no longer than 3 months at a time.

The SkipDeer pricing plans include 1 connection as standard (there isn’t an option to increase this). The prices are very low, this could explain in part why it’s 1 connection only.

Strangely, when you go to Checkout, a tax is added to the price, e.g. $6.08 tax on a 12 months subscription. It’s not clear what this tax is for.

SkipDeer Prices

SkipDeer IPTV Payment Methods

SkipDeer payment methods include PayPal and credit card.

SkipDeer IPTV Support

In addition to the setup guides on the SkipDeer website, they claim to offer support via WhatsApp, email and live chat.

The live chat option wasn’t working when we used the website.

The setup guides are also confusing, e.g. the Android setup guide begins by stating you need to enter the MAC address of your TV. This is incorrect and will be confusing for anyone who hasn’t configured their own devices before.

SkipDeer IPTV Screenshots

Unfortunately, we never received a response from SkipDeer when we requested a free trial, which is offered on their website.

SkipDeer IPTV Conclusion

SkipDeer in theory provides a crazy amount of TV channels and VOD. Offering only 1 connection is unusual nowadays and some users could find this restrictive.

The SkipDeer website is a little clumsy to use, has some terrible spelling mistakes and the layout is muddled. The setup instructions provided on their website are also incorrect.

SkipDeer claims 24/7 support but that was not our experience. We are still waiting to use the 3 day trial SkipDeer offers, that we submitted a request for over 48 hours ago. 

There are plenty of other IPTV services vying for your custom, with much better customer response times, more connection options and an overall more professional approach, so we do not recommend you use SkipDeer IPTV.

Visit the SkipDeer website.

1 thought on “SkipDeer IPTV Review – 40,000 Channels from $4/Month”

  1. Sorry, but i tried this iptv and it is mostly arabic, not having the latest usa and uk movies and series, it is cheap but i did not get wat i wanted and slow response, not sure if they will refund me..

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