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Private IPTV Access Review – Do not use Private IPTV Access!

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What is Private IPTV Access?

Private IPTV Access is an IPTV service stating they provide 52,000 live TV channels and 19,000 movies on demand. 

However, we’ve received numerous reports that this is a service to be avoided, and we will explain why in further detail below.

Private IPTV Access Features

In addition to the advertised 52,000 live channels, Private IPTV Access also state they stream TV and movies on demand, supply PPV events and provide 24/7 support. 

Private IPTV Access also declare a 99.9% uptime utilizing AntiFreeze technology, making use of the latest H264 and HEVC encoding, offering the best compression and quality.

Real-World reports dispute this; freezing, unable to login when re-subscribing and overall just a very poor service, is what we’ve been hearing. We get the impression the initial month you will be provided with a login, eventually, if you’re lucky, but when you re-subscribe, you may find your account hasn’t been (and won’t be) renewed.

Private IPTV Access Channels

The list of all the channels Private IPTV Access offers is not publicly available.

Private IPTV Access Devices

The Private IPTV Access website suggests the service will work on any device that accepts an m3u file and the file is not IP-locked, meaning it will work on any m3u supported device, world-wide.

As we never received our login details, we cannot confirm whether this is the case or not.

Private IPTV Access Pricing

Private IPTV Access offer monthly plans by default and plans include 1 connection as standard. You are able to increase this to a total of 5 connections during the checkout process, but this would cost a staggering $40 per month. There are other services that offer 5 connections for a lot less.

Private IPTV Access Prices

Private IPTV Access Payment Methods

Private IPTV Access offer a huge array of payment methods, including PayPal, Paysafecard, Mobile phone billing, Google Play balance and Google Play gift cards, all credit and debit cards (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron) and crypto.

From the reports we’ve received, offering so many payments methods is not to be flexible, but to offer more ways to take your money and you roll the dice as to whether or not you actually get an account.

Private IPTV Access Support

In addition to the setup guides on the Private IPTV Access website, Private IPTV state they provide 24/7 support via email. We tested this, and we received what is obviously an auto-response email. Our original email was never followed up though. We are not alone, we’ve received lots of frustrated users reaching out to us about this.

Private IPTV Access Screenshots

It’s not been possible to obtain screenshots as we never received login details for our paid subscription and emails to support were not answered.

Private IPTV Access Conclusion

Private IPTV is clearly either really poorly run, out to scam people or perhaps a mix of the two.

These so-called services do pop-up from time to time, but that’s why websites like IPTVRanking exist.

We can only recommend that you do not attempt to purchase a subscription from and never use Private IPTV Access!

1 thought on “Private IPTV Access Review – Do not use Private IPTV Access!”

  1. I can only state what I have experienced. I signed up today. And I found out that they do not provide Series services. So no look at old shows that are no longer running or getting to see shows from the beginning that are. And even though I signed up today and requested a refund after finding this out on my own, it is not stated on the site that I can see, I was still refused a refund. So if you are into watching older shows, or are trying to start from the beginning of current shows, you are out of luck. I will just have to let my month run out and make sure everyone I know stays away.

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