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DigitaLizard IPTV Review – 18,000 Channels & 70,000 VOD from $4/month

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What is DigitaLizard?

DigitaLizard positions itself as a leading IPTV service provider, boasting unbeatable stability, reliability, and affordability. To verify these claims, we attempted to anonymously register for a free trial and evaluate the service firsthand. Here’s a breakdown of our findings, which we recommend reviewing before considering a subscription.

DigitaLizard Channels

DigitaLizard offers a substantial selection of live TV channels, exceeding 18,000. This global lineup includes channels in standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), and full high definition (FHD), with some channels available 24/7. Notably, the service appears to cater well to viewers in the US, Canada, and the UK.

In addition to live content, DigitaLizard boasts a vast VOD library exceeding 60,000 movies and 8,400 TV series. It’s important to be aware that adult content is not available on this platform.

For a comprehensive list of all available channels, you can visit the DigitaLizard website.

DigitaLizard Devices

DigitaLizard claims broad device compatibility, encompassing major devices and software platforms. This includes popular options like Amazon FireStick, iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), MacOS, Android devices (boxes, smartphones, and tablets), Windows PCs/laptops, Formuler devices, Chrome browsers, Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Enigma Box, and MAG Box. Additionally, any device that supports M3U/portal access should theoretically work with DigitaLizard.

However, navigating the setup process might require some extra effort. Unlike some IPTV services with dedicated installation pages, DigitaLizard’s setup guides can be more difficult to find. We found that these guides may also be incomplete or slightly outdated. While the most popular app, IPTV Smarters, appears to have comprehensive instructions, users of lesser-known devices may need to do some additional research or troubleshooting.

the devices that Digitalizard supports

DigitaLizard Pricing

DigitaLizard utilizes a tiered pricing structure similar to many IPTV services. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Subscription Length: Plans range from 1 month to 1 year, with longer commitments offering a lower overall cost per month. However, the recommendation leans towards shorter commitments (3 months or less) to maintain flexibility, as needs and preferences can change.
  • Number of Connections: Each subscription includes access for one device. Additional connections (up to three) can be purchased, allowing users to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Price Competitiveness: While DigitaLizard claims to be the most affordable option, this is particularly true for single-device plans. When considering multi-device plans, especially for longer durations (1 year, 3 devices), some competitors might offer similar or even more connections at comparable prices.
  • Value Highlights: The most cost-effective options appear to be the 1-year plan at $3.75 per month and the 6-month plan at $4.17 per month. These offer significant savings compared to shorter commitments.
1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months
1 Connection$8$15$25$45
2 Connections$16$30$50$90
3 Connections$24$45$75$135
the prices of Digitalizard

DigitaLizard Payment Methods

DigitaLizard offers a variety of payment options to cater to user preferences:

  • Traditional Payment Methods: Debit and credit cards are accepted, providing a familiar and convenient option for many users.
  • Cryptocurrency Support: For those who prefer more anonymity or utilize cryptocurrency, DigitaLizard accepts Bitcoin payments.

DigitaLizard Support

DigitaLizard offers customer support through live chat and a website portal. We requested three free trials over a three-month period, trying various devices, apps, and even toggling VPN settings on and off. Unfortunately, none of these attempts resulted in a successful trial activation.

Furthermore, contacting customer support regarding the login issue yielded limited results. Although we provided evidence of the problem, the initial response only offered troubleshooting steps for buffering issues, which did not address the core problem of not being able to access the trial. This limited experience makes it difficult to gauge the overall effectiveness of DigitaLizard’s customer support.

DigitaLizard Conclusion

DigitaLizard boasts competitive pricing, particularly for single-device subscriptions. However, as the number of connections increases, the cost structure becomes more comparable to other IPTV services.

Limited Trial Experience:

Unfortunately, we were unable to fully assess DigitaLizard’s service due to recurring issues with trial activation. Despite requesting three separate free trials over a three-month period, using different devices, apps, and VPN configurations, none of the attempts were successful.

Contacting Customer Support:

We attempted to resolve the login issue by contacting customer support and providing evidence of the problem. However, the initial response only offered troubleshooting steps for buffering issues, which did not address the core problem of trial activation. This limited our ability to evaluate the service’s stability, reliability, and overall user experience.

Importance of Testing:

Our experience highlights the importance of hands-on testing when evaluating IPTV services. Relying solely on information provided by service providers can be misleading. This is why we prioritize testing services ourselves to provide users with a more comprehensive picture.

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