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About Us

Only Human Writers (No AI)

At, we refrain from using ChatGPT to create content. Instead, all our articles are meticulously crafted by real humans who conduct extensive research to provide accurate and factual information. Our commitment to delivering useful guides means that we do not publish auto-generated content.

While we recognize the potential of AI in content creation, we have several reasons for avoiding it. Firstly, we lack visibility into the sources used by AI models. Therefore, we rely on our human writers who create content from scratch after thorough research. Additionally, certain aspects—such as app testing or device issue resolution—remain beyond the capabilities of robots.

Here are the reasons why we exclusively employ human writers for our site:

  1. Comprehensive Testing: Our human writers thoroughly test every app, streaming service, or website—a task that robots have yet to master.
  2. Original Content: We ensure that our content is original and not borrowed from existing online data, which may be outdated or misleading.
  3. Friendly and Passionate Approach: Our human writers act as your knowledgeable best friend, delivering helpful guides with passion and emotion.
  4. First-Hand Information: We strive to provide you with first-hand information that directly addresses your questions, avoiding generic solutions that fall short.

AI robots sometimes produce inaccurate, grammatically incorrect, or outdated content based on their source material and language model. In contrast, our human writers meticulously verify all data before hitting the publish button.

How We Research and Write New Posts

Our research is grounded in first-hand knowledge. Every piece of information you find on our site is based on our own experiences.

Additionally, we rigorously test every app, streaming service, VPN, or website discussed in our posts. This approach ensures that we present clear, cohesive, and helpful content to our readers.