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Why Surfshark?

Tracker-free web surfing

Our main concern is your privacy. That’s why the apps and features are carefully developed to provide you with a safe and private internet connection. With our industry-leading encryption, private DNS, and leak protection, you can forget about your internet service provider, ad brokers, and third-party companies tracking your every digital step.

“We visited and ran an extended test to see whether or not Surfshark VPN was leaking our real IP address or DNS requests. We didn’t find any leaks while connected to a server in Antwerp.”


Privacy protection with no-logging

We follow a no-logs policy, verified by a respectable auditing company, Deloitte. But the commitment to your privacy goes deeper than just the privacy policy. Surfshark is based in the Netherlands. This means that it is illegal for the company to collect and store your personal information.

“However, there are also a number of advanced features you won’t see in every bargain-basement provider. Surfshark utilizes a private DNS on every one of its server servers that enables users to add an extra layer of protection and prevent third parties from intercepting browsing sessions.”

Tom’s Guide

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Our VPN lets you connect unlimited devices to one account. This way, you can protect your family and friends and stay secure across any platform.

“But Surfshark rejects that artificial restriction with unlimited simultaneous connections. That alone could make it the right deal for a good number of people.”


Budget-friendly protection

“Surfshark offers subscription packages that are considerably easier on the pocketbook than what its sister company NordVPN and competitors like ExpressVPN offer.”

Worldwide servers

We have 3200+ servers in over 100 countries around the world, and new locations are added all the time.

Blazing fast speeds

Most major locations have accessible 10Gbps servers, and at least a single 1Gbps port is always available on every server, which helps maintain speeds and forget the VPN overhead.

Secure protocols

OpenVPN, IKEv2, or WireGuard — you decide. The Surfshark app has got all the most secure and modern protocols for you to choose from.

Split tunneling

Also known as the Bypasser, split tunneling is a feature that allows you to choose specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN tunnel or include the traffic you want to be encrypted.